When I hand over your site I will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to update and maintain it, but if time (or the inclination!) isn’t on your side, then you can leave it with me. A website which is regularly updated with relevant content will not only represent your interests better but optimise your site for search engines. Working with your current set-up or existing Content management system (CMS) I can maintain your website and ensure that it is kept current, fresh and up-to-date. For me, part of maintaining a website is ensuring that the user experience is retained as well as the publication of;
  • news,
  • events,
  • fresh product information,
  • contact details.
I err against charging regular maintenance payments as I have found that generally jobs fall into single projects or one-off updates which are more effectively charged on a project-by-project basis. This has worked well for my current clients and has reduced their regular outgoings in many cases. A lot of sites grow organically as the need for more content inceases, and the information architecture that worked when you first started might not ‘fit’ so well as your site expands. By regularly looking at the bigger picture and reviewing your key words and search engine rankings, I can ensure that your site can work harder for you. General maintenance task include;
  • Making text based content updates and changing images
  • Creating additional pages and associated navigation
  • Search Engine Optimisation review
  • Addition of new social media plugins.
For a free consultation to establish your requirements and give you an idea about costs please get in touch.