• Fresh and clean website design
    I take pleasure in creating a site that is clear, simple and easy for your clients to navigate.
  • Fit for purpose
    Having established what you want from your site I will ensure that the end result does just that!




Working with businesses in West Sussex

I've been working with companies in West Sussex and England to create websites that are fit for purpose and reflect their diverse range of businesses. Here are just some of the reasons why you should be working with me to develop your site;

  1. Style and design

    Using a strong eye for design and having assessed the clients requirements, I can create a unique look and feel for your site enhanced by strong images and illustrations.

  2. Template development

    With experience and using back-end coding (CSS) I can adapt and tweak website templates to create website designs that generally exceed a clients expectations.

  3. Mobiles, tablets and desktops

    All my websites are responsive and designed to look their best whatever you might be looking at them on.

  4. Domain names and hosting

    You can leave it all in my capable hands – whether its domain name registration and/or website hosting.

  5. Maintenance

    When I hand over your site I will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to update and maintain it, but if time (or the inclination!) isn’t on your side, then you can leave it with me.

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